How I started to be a potter. 6th month. November 2020


I always get very excited I’m opening the glaze kiln that I forget to take the photos of the fired pots. Here are some of the survived ones.

Pots Before and After the Firing

New Glazes

Last month I didn’t mix new glazes, but I tried working with the underglazes which I used for creating some special pots. I will share them next month.

Test Tiles. From left to right “Stroke & Coat” underglazes 1 coating, 2 coatings, 3 coatings, 2 coatings + Hansen 20x5 on top, Velvet underglazes 3 coatings + Hansen 20x5 on top.
First explosion


I have finally decided on the shape of the cups that I am going to make. Here is one of them. Now I’m mostly practicing this shape and trying to make identical mutiples.

Cups 400ml.
Chess Set
Sushi Set



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Dobro Pottery

Dobro Pottery

Beginner potter from Hilversum, Netherlands. Started doing pottery fulltime after 8 years of being a UI/UX designer.